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Reverse Osmosis Systems

Pure Drops Systems are designed to produce purified water by the reverse osmosis process.Our industrial reverse osmosis plants is a process of water filtration which works under high pressure, using special members to remove suspended, dissolved, bacterial and chemical impurities from water. It removes all the toxic chemicals, germs and salts to provide a safe and Contamination free water

Reverse Osmosis water systems uses semi permeable membrane which allows only pure solvent to pass through it while the solute ( i.e dissolved material ) retains on other side and finally get rejected.

Swimming Pool System

Swimming pool filtration system requires trouble free and user friendly operating system. This directly leads to low maintenance cost and also avoids down time problems. Pure Drops concerns all this factors very well and supplies high quality performance swimming pool filtration system keeping customer aspects in mind. Swimming pool systems are applicable in hotels, clubs, resorts, schools, universities, private bungalows etc.

Softening Plant

Water softeners are specific ion exchanger’s equipments. These are used to soften the water, by removing the minerals that cause the water to be hard. Minerals like calcium and magnesium present in the water in their carbonate and bi-carbonate form makes the water hard which creates many problems when it is used in industrial as well as in other domestic purposes.

Softening plant uses Ion Exchange process which relies on the replacement of the Calcium and Magnesium ions present in the water by an equivalent number of Sodium ions. This eliminates the unwanted characteristics of hard water because the Sodium salts never forms scale in any of the machinery parts. The resins get charged by sodium chloride solution ( common salt ) which is the cost effective and easiest maintenance process. Pure Drops offers water softening systems in various sizes for home, restaurant and many more industrial applications.

Booster System

A hydro-pneumatic pressure booster system consists of an automatic high pressure controlled pump and a pressure tank. This tank contains an air filled poly-ether-urethane bladder. Through pump the water gets entered in this tank in which it compresses and pressurizes the bladder which in turn maintains a desired pressure within the water system. This automatic system have very low maintenance cost and requires no manual intervention.

Demineralization Water Plant

Pure Drops Demineralisers are designed on the latest coast effective ion exchange technique of counter current regeneration. These demineralisers consist of acid/alkali proof pressure vessel with internal fittings and initial charges of cation and anion exchanger, set of regeneration equipment, hydraulic ejectors, acid and alkali tanks and conductivity meter to monitor treated water quality.